Jul 19, 2023

The top 5 roadroller manufacturers in the world

Road rollers, also known as compaction equipment, are essential machines used for compacting asphalt, soil, and other materials during road construction, paving, and maintenance. With the increasing demand for durable and efficient road construction equipment, many companies are now producing high-quality road rollers worldwide. In this context, the top 5 road roller manufacturers in the world are recognized for their commitment to producing advanced, reliable, and user-friendly rollers.

These manufacturers have a long-standing reputation in the industry, producing a wide range of road rollers with various specifications to meet the needs of different customers.

All JCB road roller models, from 4,600kg to 20,000kg, are equipped with the innovative automatic vibration control system and additional options. The performance of each roller is tested for several hours in a test run. Reliability and productivity of this equipment is ensured by the JCB patented technology – monobloc vibration exciter shaft. A separate advantage of the JCB soil road rollers is easy maintenance combined with low cost of ownership.

The wide range of the company’s equipment includes manual smooth rollers with both single and double drum. They are designed primarily to work on sidewalks and small areas, such as parking lots at shopping malls, parking lots, etc. They are represented by models weighing from 1.8 tons, designed for “sidewalk” works, up to 13-ton road rollers. Vibratory road rollers can be equipped with the automatic compaction control system Asphalt Manager, which tests the compacted surface for dynamic stiffness. Sensors monitor the amplitude and temperature of the asphalt, and the screen inside the cabin continuously displays the results to show the quality of the work done.

For ground work Dynapac offers a range of single drum rollers weighing from 10.2 to 12 tons. The road rollers use a density meter that shows surface density information and lets you know when a given area has reached the required values, so you don’t have to make extra passes. The compaction quality analyzer allows to document work progress and provides the operator with a graphical display of compaction degree. The compaction optimization system prevents errors made by the road roller operator.

The company was able to find a solution to improve the road roller’s capabilities at a minimum cost. The low-frequency and high-frequency vibration modes of the rollers, the effect of discrete multi-amplitude vibration were investigated, the possibility of automatic adjustment of the vibration frequency, the frequency of material loading cycles and a number of other parameters was applied.

Models DD31HF and DD38HF with weight up to 3.8 tons are designed for road construction. The models are equipped with reinforced carbon steel rollers, traction control system, which prevents slipping of the rollers on uphill and facilitates control of the rollers when driving at all speeds in different directions.

Caterpillar vibratory and pneumatic used road rollers are reliable and functional. Caterpillar designers are constantly working to expand the range of products, upgrading products that have already earned credibility with customers,

One of the company’s latest developments was a series of vibratory articulated rollers CB and CC. The specialists offer models of road rollers with weight from 1.4 to 4.1 tons. The diameter of drums in most models of the series was increased from 0.56 to 0.72 m. Also, the machines of the series have the ability to shift the roller by 50 mm to the side, which is necessary for certain types of work and increases productivity when turning.

Buying a road roller today is not a problem.

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