Aug 27, 2023

Glens Falls PD search for tar dumper

A liquid thought to be driveway sealcoating was dumped on a trail in Crandall Park, Wednesday Aug. 9.

A liquid believed to be driveway sealcoating was dumped on a dirt path in Crandall Park early Wednesday morning. The Glens Falls Police Department responded to the spill which is now under investigation by the department, according to city officials.

A news release on Wednesday afternoon said the black, tar-like liquid, was found near the pavilion in Crandall Park. Police Chief Jarred Smith said that the department is following a few leads.

The release said that it is believed that a white man wearing a straw hat was seen driving a blue pickup truck in the area between 7:30 and 8 a.m. The pickup truck, with a white tailgate, was carrying large drums.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is handling the cleanup.

If anyone saw the pickup truck or had recently had their driveway sealed in the area by someone driving the described truck, they are asked to contact Glens Falls Police at 518-761-3840.

Modern driveway sealcoating is often coal-tar based or asphalt cement, which is a petroleum derivative, but can also be acrylic or oil based, according to a number of industry websites.

Caton Deuso is a staff reporter who covers Glens Falls, Hudson Falls, and can be reached at 518-742-3224 or 518-920-4034.

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